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Over 50% of CxO’s believe that poor cloud financial management negatively impacts their business; CFOs, CIOs, and COOs however may not agree on the root cause. Through an assessment, we provide clarity of status, a platform for CxO alignment as well as a baseline plan to help you and your teams move forward.

Through this independent assessment, aligned to your business and cloud operating model, we provide clarity of status: we help you move from suspicion to actionable insights and facts.

A one-off assessment is a valuable exercise in and of its own.
A regular assessment, independently validating progress you are making towards more robust cost management and control, will ensure the envisaged progress is made.

Many a CxO worry about their cloud costs. Over 50% believe that poor cloud financial management has a negative impact on their business.

  • How confident are you that your teams behave sufficiently prudent and do not contribute to the known problem of generating 25% and more cloud wastage?
  • Do you have independently validated facts and arguments to engage with your peers and executives on required actions to resolve existing risks and challenges?
  • Does your team have the knowledge and experience to help you move forward, or is this one of those classic areas where outside help from an expert helps you accelerate towards value?
  • Do you understand your areas of strength vs. where you need to improve?
    Is this structured in an easy, actionable way that facilitates conversation and progress across your whole team? Have you seen our E-Book on the use FinOps Desired State?

In this E-Book we share 60+ proven opportunities to save and avoid cloud spend.
These proven insights are actionable today. We indicate if these apply to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Where applicable we provide references to tools.
Please let us know if is interested to avoid cloud waste and you would learn more about the tools we have selected and recommend to our customers.

We have split the ideas into those that apply to cost-saving vs. those that apply for cost avoidance:

Cost Saving – focused on ensuring you pay the lowest possible rate for your use;
Cost Avoidance – focused on ensuring you use as little service as is required.
For a proven 5 step approach to cost-saving that helps you put it all into practice.

About Us

Led by seasoned professionals, we share a passion for removing Cloud Wastage. We help you achieve lowest possible unit cost, enabling you to achieve more with less or pay less for the same.

We have deep expertise and a proven track record in Cloud Financial Management and Optimisation for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Our engagements are with end user organisations, service providers, tool vendors and cloud providers alike.

We can do this with you or for you. We ideally transfer our knowledge into your team and make you FinOps confident and independent.

Most importantly, whoever you are, we treat your money as our money.