Key Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies



Technical Vendor Service Mix

Are you an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or Hardware vendor that has created technology that needs to be marketized?
Do you recognize that you could need (extra) help in this to accelerate your objectives?
Are you seeking a marketing partner who can talk in the same technical language that understands marketing and Sales dynamics?

A company that understands your technology but has the knowledge, background, and overview to help you get your marketing and commercial results!

Then you have found us; Plusgrowth is your partner.


Go-to-Market strategy

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a plan that details how an organization can engage in a (new) market with (new) customers to buy their product or service and to gain a competitive advantage.

We can help and make a Go-to-market plan and help the implementation of the plan.

A go-to-market strategy  includes five core components:

  • Market definition:
    Which markets will be targeted to sell the product or service?
  • Customers:
    Who is the target audience within these markets?
  • Distribution model:
    How will the product or service be delivered to the customer?
  • Product messaging and positioning:|
    What is being sold and its unique value or the primary difference compared to other products or services in the market?
  • Price:
    How much should the product or service cost for each customer group?


Scale-up Acceleration

You are ready to scale up your business, take it to the next level.

Scale-up: This is a business development stage, specific to technology markets, that is looking to grow in terms of market access, revenues, and several employees, adding value by identifying and realizing win-win opportunities for collaboration with established companies.

Direct Touch:

Are you a vendor who goes B-to-C or B-to-B, or both?

Why don't you take –control of the channel?
Why don't create –pull-- ?

By going direct to the end customers ( the customers of your customers) you have more influence in:

  • Right messaging
  • Right target group
  • Building relationships
  • Perception Management
  • Creating demand

PlusGrowth – Direct Touch program

Multi-Brand Marketing

Deploy emails, landing pages, and forms that dynamically change logos, brand names, and more. In ONE platform

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Analysis tools with anonymity stripped away so that you can develop data-driven personas and user journeys AND use example prospects inside your reporting.

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Buyer's Journey Remarketing

They are retargeted based on where a buyer is in their journey. Use automated behavioral segmentation to serve journey stage-specific ads!

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Plusgrowth has excellent integration with  Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube , and  LinkedIn , to enable scheduling posts and automatically tagging links so you can organize them from one platform.

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Social Media Marketing

Easy to build out a calendar of ongoing social posts, one calendar for all your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram and Medium, Tumblr, Linkedin, and more. So there's harmony in your reach out.

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Management tooling

Campaigns always something being posted, or you can include social posts as part of a broader omnichannel campaign.

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Webinar Promotion Management

Webinars can be very effective, but there's a LOT of administration work. Promotion emails, managing RSVPs, sending reminders to those who have signed up, sending emails afterward it's a lot of work. Our platform provides a webinar recipe that you can customize to your process. This strategy drastically cuts the time needed to execute and helps with consistency.

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Customer Feedback Surveys

So many organizations have "customer satisfaction" as a goal for support and service departments, yet they have no way of consistently tracking and trending it! Using periodic surveys helps trend and benchmark how satisfied customers have been in the past, are now and help your company set new goals for new levels of satisfaction.

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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns make maintaining customer relationships and nurturing prospects to close sales easy. Drip Campaign is automated, marketing your brand and business to your client base or opportunities when they are most receptive.

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Email Marketing Features

Email marketing automation provides tools to successful email campaigns, including landing page wizards, newsletters.

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A/B Testing:

Optimize your email campaigns with A/B testing to test different variants of your email campaign to determine which one performs better.

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PR Services

When building a brand, it doesn't help you, in the long run, to max out your budgets and spend them on Google, Facebook, or Linkedin advertisements. It's smarter and cheaper to adopt Public Relationship Strategies by gaining earned media using press releases. Plusgrowth has a wide range of journalists in their network, which would write about your product resulting in better SEO and link building.

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Customers growing their businesses with Plusgrowth.

Adopt a Push or Pull strategy?

You'll learn how to take full advantage of Plusgrowth. Your team can dive deeper into every aspect of the customer journey to find new ways to engage with customers, drive more leads, and convert those prospects into paying customers. You'll also be equipped with more knowledge about how the inbound methodology works, along with valuable tips and tactics you can implement for immediate results.

Rhythm is a dancer | Drumbeat Marketing

Schedule all your posts upfront with the Public Relationship (PR) Calendar. harmonize your outreach on autopilot on all FILTY social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Create and Curate Unique Content.
  • Build auto responding workflows to engage and optimize responses.
  • Works even when your computer is turned off!


Run From The Cloud

All our automation is offered as a service. That means that once you’ve designed your workflows, the platform will keep running them for you.

  • The platform is accessible 24/7.
  • All data is available in your personal dashboard.
  • Works even when your computer is turned off!
  • Integrate with your or our CRM

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