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Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

You could do it all yourself at our platform, or if you prefer to let us manage it, we are here to assist you in reaching your objectives.


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Plusgrowth helps you to deliver personalized digital marketing automation experiences that delight your customers and drive more revenue.

A marketing automation platform allows companies to orchestrate and automate marketing activities and campaign throughout the customer lifecycle and across all marketing channels.

Marketing Automation makes use of data science and analytics to identify the best prospects, nurture them with the most

Marketing automation?

Plusgrowth is a Marketing Automation as a Service (MAaaS) platform that lets you to manage multi-touch interactions across all digital channels. It comes with cloud-based software and web interface, flexible pricing plans and 24/7 customer support

Why Marketing Automation is no longer a if, but a when.

The pace of disruption in the B2B economy is accelerating. Companies are working harder and smarter to stay ahead of competitors in every industry. New technologies are being built that can make traditional sales and marketing processes more productive. The challenge for companies is combining traditional methods with new tools to effectively compete in today’s highly competitive marketplaces.

Building a good list is a great way to get inspired. Of course, you can’t do anything with a perfect memory, so I’ve provided some examples below so you can get started if you need a refresher. But remember these are just suggestions — there are dozens of ways to build great lists. It all comes down to prioritization and prioritizing the things that really matter. Marketing automation is one technique for helping you manage your marketing calendar, schedule content releases and track performance metrics while helping you build relationships with your clients. 

There are two primary ways of using marketing automation software for business growth: strategic and reactive.

Strategic is the traditional method, applying an ad campaign or a tool to pull data from a website and automate the interesting aspects of the website. Reactive approaches are more like what you would expect from a website that is being actively managed by a professional team and involves creating ad content around the behavior of users who have shown an interest in your product or service, and then sending messages or emails to those users to encourage them to take action.

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Validation & Strategy.

Growth Hacking & Lead generation

Monitoring & Optimize your growth.

The first thing you need to do when validating your business assumption is to understand your customers better. The best way to do this is to ask them questions about their demographic, preferences, and behavior.

Our growth product managers are senior growth consultants who have specialized in helping mature products grow into new markets. They have deep knowledge of how established companies can create a differentiator that will allow them to grow.

You can't just go out there and run a marathon. You have to learn how to crawl first, walk, then run. We adapt and improve by learning from over 283 metrics, including growth rate, engagement rate, retention rate, and more.


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Plusgrowth is the powerful marketing automation and social media management platform for organizations who want to growth consistently and increase their reach.

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Plusgrowth is assisting you in managing all your sales and marketing contacts in one place. Segment your contacts into lists for more effective campaigns.

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Never miss an appointment. Avoid “whoops forgot our meeting” by automatically reminding, support Google and Office365 schedule, use your favorite video conferencing tool, save time, and never missing an opportunity.

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Plusgrowth has excellent integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, to enable scheduling posts and automatically tagging links so you can organize it from one platform.

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