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What is marketing automation?

Simply put, it's a system that automates the marketing processes in your business. It can be used to send targeted emails, promote websites, track web metrics and much more. For many small businesses, it can be a game-changer. For others, it can feel mundane and even unnecessary. But don't let that stop you from using it. Marketing automation can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line -- as well as the growth of your business.


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Plusgrowth helps you to deliver personalized digital marketing experiences that delight your customers and drive more revenue.

Get a fully integrated marketing stack with a flexible and scalable platform that connects your web, mobile, and email to automate workflows between marketing channels.

Go beyond email with powerful marketing automation tools to reach users where they are. Drive engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle through intelligent bots that automate lead nurturing.

Connect all marketing channels and send personalized messages across any channel. Easily create custom forms using programmatic integration or webhooks.

Our award-winning marketing automation and sales enablement software lets you personalize every touchpoint across all buyer journeys, driving qualified leads and accelerating sales.

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Validation & Strategy.

Growth Hacking & Lead generation

Monitoring & Optimize your growth.

We do marketing automation for Growth Hacking: Here too, we’ve seen a lot of growth-hacking businesses. I think a lot of it is a bit borderline, because the concept of ‘growth hacking’ doesn’t always have a clear set of rules or guidelines, yet it’s still something that people want to know how to do. One company called Plus Growth has an interesting take on this – they see themselves as a marketing automation tool. They talk
Join the Growth Hacking Movement: Get a head start on your competitors by leveraging forward thinking automation technologies and marketing tactics. Stop doing tedious, time consuming manual work – instead – hire a company that has automated professional marketers on your side – including social media, email marketing and live chat.
Growth Marketing Automation: We will help you grow your business through growth marketing automation. This process includes planning, building, launching, analyzing and optimizing growth hacking campaigns. Here’s how it works:

The first thing you need to do when validating your business assumption is to understand your customers better. The best way to do this is to ask them questions about their demographic, preferences, and behavior.

Our growth product managers are senior growth consultants who have specialized in helping mature products grow into new markets. They have deep knowledge of how established companies can create a differentiator that will allow them to grow.

You can't just go out there and run a marathon. You have to learn how to crawl first, walk, then run. We adapt and improve by learning from over 283 metrics, including growth rate, engagement rate, retention rate, and more.


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Plusgrowth is the powerful marketing automation and social media management platform for organizations who want to growth consistently and increase their reach.

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Plusgrowth is assisting you in managing all your sales and marketing contacts in one place. Segment your contacts into lists for more effective campaigns.

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Never miss an appointment. Avoid “whoops forgot our meeting” by automatically reminding, support Google and Office365 schedule, use your favorite video conferencing tool, save time, and never missing an opportunity.

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Plusgrowth has excellent integration with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, to enable scheduling posts and automatically tagging links so you can organize it from one platform.

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Combining all the components of marketing into one integrated system is something really different here. Socially optimised content, real time cross post scheduling, dynamic email marketing campaigns plus on track reports are just some of the things that will show you how to grow quicker.  Growth Hacking has become an important part of any successful marketing strategy, don’t miss out on leveraging email proven techniques and social media to help your business grow exponentially.

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